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Hi, I’m Lauren - I’m so happy you’re here!

Rather than focusing on a number on the scale or strict food rules, I take an approach to nutrition that encourages behaviors that support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. My client’s progress and success is measured not by weight but by more relevant markers of health such as energy levels, sleep, digestion and mood.

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Lauren is a fantastic Dietitian/Nutritionist/Wellness Coach. Through Lauren’s coaching and motivation, I was able to jump-start my transition back to a healthier lifestyle. Lauren delivered everything I was initially expecting, such as direction around food choices, portion control, meal times, etc. But why I would recommend Lauren is because she does so much more than those basic things. We developed a program based on my personal preferences then worked together closely to make sure I was feeling good and accomplishing my personal goals. Lauren was great at listening to my feedback and adjusting my program to meet my needs. Overall, I could not be happier with my experience with Lauren. As someone who said they wanted to live healthier and get back in shape for years, I have Lauren to thank for finally doing it.
— G.J.

I can honestly say it was my best investment of 2018. Lauren teaches you about your own body. She has helped me become my own mini nutritionist and creating a customized plan just for me that works with my lifestyle. How to function in the real world.
— D.M.

After years of trying many different workout and diet regiments I came to see Lauren. She took the time to learn my history of eating habits and the challenges I faced around my busy and unpredictable work schedule. One of my biggest problems was a longtime battle with insomnia due to coming home late from work and eating late which Lauren helped me to address. Through working with her I was able to end a horrible cycle of bad eating habits which was negatively affecting my energy levels and lost almost 25lbs in the process with minimal exercise just by changing the way I thought about food and it’s affect on my daily performance. She is wonderful to work with, non judgmental and understands and works around the flaws of her clients which is her best quality. I highly recommend her to anyone trying to make a positive change in their lives when it comes to the way they approach food.
— L.R.

Before I started working with Lauren, I had tried it all: shakes, teas, intermittent fasting ... you name it. I was in a place where I was very unmotivated to work out after all the fad workouts I had tried. I first discovered Lauren through a buddy at work who had amazing results after working with her. So I pulled the trigger after much hesitation and started seeing Lauren twice a week and it CHANGED MY LIFE.
Lauren is fun, positive, friendly, encouraging, intense, and a passionate trainer. She helps me live up to my potential each week. Lauren has shown me that I am strong both physically and mentally. She always pushes me to prove that to myself.
Each session feels fresh, new, challenging and targeted to my goals. My sessions with Lauren have become moments in my week that I look forward to in order to take a break from all the crazy stress of my life.
— K.D.

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